Wednesday, March 03, 2004

While this year's Oscar ceremony was, well...positively tame (remember Michael Moore last year?), the closest thing to a controversy was Andrew Jarecki's Capturing the Friedmans. Here is a link to Sharon Waxman's article in the New York Times where the victims allege that Jarecki deliberately added the ambiguity (for which his film has been widely praised) when in fact, (so to speak) the Friedman case was really cut-and-dry. Victims Say Film on Molesters Distorts Facts

At the same time, here is an article in Slate that says that Jarecki by maintaining a studiously neutral tone, lost a huge opportunity for saving an innocent man.

I must say, it looks bad for Jarecki. He is being criticized for being ambiguous but from both sides. All said, Capturing the Friedmans is definitely a fascinating documentary, but the well-deserved winner on Oscar-nite was Errol Morris (the worst acceptance speech of the night, topping even Sean Penn's pretentious drawl) for his superlative The Fog of War: Eleven lessons from the life of Robert McNamara.

And oh, Hurray for the Peter Jackson and the Lord of the Rings!!!!!

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