Sunday, October 01, 2006

overheard in new york

One old gentleman to another [discussing electric circuitry]:

You need two penises coming out of the amplifier and two vaginas in the receiver to be able to connect them.


Munmun said...


Shreeharsh said...

LOL. I was sitting in Ollie's having food and these two old men sitting next to me were talking about their IPods. One of them, I think, was having some problem connecting his IPod to external speakers. So the other one was trying to tell him what to do. This gem, came out, during that discussion.

I almost choked when he said that. And I wrote it down on a paper napkin, just to make sure I wouldn't forget what he said.

Pretty funny, huh?

Munmun said...

Funny?? I think it is a horrible manner to explain circuits!! Or is it that, in this part of the world, this is the lingua franca to explain stuff? I am not sure!!

Shreeharsh said...

Well, Munmun, lots of tools are called "male" or "female", you know. It's standard terminology in workshops, foundries, etc. It's just that I've never heard them being called penises and vaginas, LOL.

Anonymous said...

So you finally had your OINY moment, that too something which must have titillated you at some level.