Wednesday, November 15, 2006

stephen holden made me laugh

The NYT's Stephen Holden is not normally a movie critic who makes you laugh (unlike, say David Edelstein) so I just wanted to quote this line from his review of "Flannel Pajamas" which had me giggling for about 10 seconds:
The personal issues bedeviling Stuart and Nicole may not be your issues or mine, but the couple’s mild-mannered approach to dealing with them may feel uncomfortably familiar if you belong to the college-educated class of New York professionals that believes in talking things out. You might call it the modern, pragmatic, couples-counseling approach to problem solving, as opposed to, say, primal scream therapy or (God forbid) domestic violence.


Anonymous said...

Can guys giggle too? I thought they only chuckled.


Shreeharsh said...

He he.

In my book, a chuckle is a short hee-haw punctuated by short silences.

A giggle is a series of hee-haws, lasting much longer, with less silences in between.