Monday, January 29, 2007

Paragraph of the day

David Edelstein on Pierce Brosnan:
No one who sees the first fifteen minutes of Seraphim Falls can doubt that Brosnan is the movies’ supreme grunter: He is to acting what poor Monica Seles was to tennis. He added grunts to his feats in his Bond movies, presumably to make 007 seem more human, but they were too jarring in that high-style context. Here, they make for a powerful soundtrack. The movie opens with him taking a bullet in the shoulder (aggghhh!), rolling down an embankment (uggghh arrrr), tumbling into a raging river (raahruuuf!) that dumps him over a falls (yaaaaaaaaah), digging the bullet out of his shoulder (arf%^Sssss$#yyy!) with a big knife and then cauterizing the wound (ayyyeeeeeeeeee!!!). I’m not being facetious: This is very impressive stuff. If his acting career ever stalls, he could make a fortune dubbing kung fu pictures.

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Anonymous said...

I remember watching Remington Steele and admiring Pierce's then-developing emotive skills. (That should tag both chronologically and culturally.) I though then it was a clever reflection of his anti-hero/ hero-in-disguise character; no real American action hero would wwhhuuurff like that leaping a little chain-link fence.
Of course I also loved Saturday Kung Fu Action Theater on the uhf end of the dial.
Hi Shreeharsh, hope the big apple is treating you well!