Monday, February 26, 2007

Elections in Russia

A Russian presidential candidate, not blessed by czar Vladmir Putin, is fighting off smears and allegations, aided by his loyal wife:
A month later he was back visiting Moscow and called a sparsely attended news conference to denounce an intensifying campaign against him. He denied having falsified his diploma and went on to explain, among other things, his interest in “gypsy hypnosis.” Marina Donskaya interrupted him, having lost patience with the pressure. “He’s not gay!” she shouted, referring to slurs that had been appearing in the Arkhangelsk press. “He impregnated me.”


Anonymous said...

Where is your Marina?


Shreeharsh said...

I take the fifth on this one. Too complicated to answer.

Your question could mean any of the following -- substitute what comes below for Marina:
(a) wife
(b) pregnant wife
(c) pregnant wife out to defend me from gay "slurs"
(d) something else entirely. :)