Monday, March 05, 2007

Surprising factoid of the week:

Reihan Salam, reviewing, the new Netflix, "Watch Now" mentions this about himself:
I will note here that my Netflix habits are unconventional. During my early days as a Netflix subscriber, I spent anywhere from 1 to 3 hours a night watching DVDs on fast forward with the subtitles on. Because I read fairly quickly, I was able to follow twists and turns at high speed, thus increasing my cultural literacy in record time.
Wha...?? I truly can't find any words...


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The Daysleeper said...

i thot u were not getting enough spam :P

The Daysleeper said...

but yeah! werid .. why can he read a book then!

Shreeharsh said...

Well, the point isn't that he can read a book -- this is probably a faster way of becoming, what he calls, "culturally literate".

But then he isn't much of a film-lover, is he? (But on the other hand, I read his blog, and he definitely is..)